7 tips to make your home a safer place

Did you know that most accidents happen inside the home? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around the world 424,000 people die annually as a result of falls or accidents that occur inside the home. In Colombia alone, 47% of accidents occur within the home.

In the United States, the Home Safety Council organization identified the 5 leading causes of accidents and deaths within the home:

• Falls
• Poisonings
• Fires / burns
• Asphyxiation
• Drowning

According to experts, the kitchen and bathroom are the most dangerous spaces in the home, as they are the places where the greatest number of accidents occur.

What can you do to avoid accidents?

Although having home coverage is important to avoid unexpected expenses – such as third-party accidents in your home – there are several measures you can take at home to ensure the well-being of your family.

  1. Try to have non-slip floors. It is better to ensure safety than aesthetics, especially in high-risk areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom.
  2. Cover slippery areas with rugs or rugs to create an area of ​​greater friction and safety when walking. Placing rugs in the entrances of the home also prevents dirt that could cause accidents on a smooth floor, such as dirt, mud, sand, etc.
  3. Avoid leaving toys on the floor or furniture. Teach your children to keep and store all their toys in boxes or designated places. If there are toys around the floor or furniture, someone could fall or get hurt by one of them.
  4. Covers sharp corners and edges to prevent children from accidentally hurting themselves.
  5. If you have small children, consider covering the plugs to prevent accidental electrical shock.
  6. If there are stairs in your house, make sure they are in good repair and the handrails are in good condition. If your stairs do not have a handrail, it is best to install it as soon as possible because stairs are one of the high-risk areas of the home.
  7. Safe bathrooms. If you have very young children, don’t let them be in the bathroom unsupervised. If you have a tub, make sure they have a non-slip surface to prevent falls. If you are going to bathe your child in a tub, take care of the water level and watch him at all times. Also remember that toilet lids must be closed because small children can fall into them.

Taking all these security measures is very important to safeguard the safety of your family, but don’t forget that having good home insurance will protect you in case of an emergency.

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